What to do When Your Hard Drive Stops Working?

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Whether you’re a business owner, someone just trying to browse through Facebook and/or Twitter, or a first-time tech. user, you know the specific type of frustration that comes from having your phone/laptop/desktop stop working. Rather than smacking or throwing your device around your house, it’s worth getting it properly fixed. While you might have some luck browsing through google for quick-fixes, they might not solve the problem (or even help, especially if your Ethernet/Wi-Fi isn’t working). Your best option, when it comes to computer issues, is to seek the help of a professional.

No matter the size of your computer troubles, a professional workshop should be able to abet your worries. These issues can cover a variety of topics:

  • Figuring out reasons gmail is not working
  • Setting up gmail on iphone
  • Basic computer service (installing internet security)
  • Help in basic web development
  • Help in constructing responsive website design

The key is that they can help you withe installation of programs and software; they can offer advice regarding basic programming issues; and they can ensure that your phone and/or computer are running efficiently, free of malware, unneeded programs, and more. One such issue that they can treat for you — something that truly makes you want to bang your head against your desk — is that of hard drive recovery.

If you don’t know what your hard drive is, it is the main data storage hardware device within your computer. The operating system (OS), basic software, and most files are stored within your computer’s hard drive. For the 80% of American adults that own computers or laptop devices, having this become corrupted is a pathway towards a major migraine. However, if the components in your computer’s hard drive is still in working order, the data stored within it can be recovered.

If you’re noticing that you’re having issues with your computers hardware, taking it in for professional hard drive repair is rather simple. By taking your device, they can effectively diagnosis whatever might be causing the issues with your computer. If it just so happens to be the hard drive that is causing the issues, hard drive recovery can be completed. The amount of time needed will be dependent upon how much data is on your computer, but the common amount of time required is between 2-5 days. Once the hard drive recovery is completed, your computer can be picked up, and ready for use!

If you’re hard drive is working just fine now, there are some statistics you should keep in mind. Hardware malfunctions, otherwise, your hard drive becoming corrupted, are the leading cause among computer data loss; similarly, over 30% of people never take the time to back up their hard drive (their data). While you might not realize it not, your hardware is at risk of random mechanical faults; thus, while your computer might be in working order, it might require a hard drive recovery when you least expect it.

You might be asking, “If my data is insecure and can be lost at any time, how do I protect it?” or, if you’re running to Google, “Reasons to replace hard drive?” Considering the basics about your hard drive, some reasons to give it attention are (1) the average hard drive lifespan is between 4-6 years, so ensure that it’s protected over the years, (2) backing up the data from one hard drive to another is a smart idea, since it allows you to secure data on a separate hardware device, and (3) having another hard drive device will ensure that you can secure enough disk space on one device (so it doesn’t stay “full” for too long; otherwise, having all your precious data on one device alone).

These simple steps can ensure that your computer’s hardware and data is secured for the future, and that you don’t have to run around, pulling your hair out, asking yourself just how you’ll perform a hard drive recovery right before a major work/school project is due. But if that happens, well, remember that professionals are always there to help you out in your time of need.