What is Thermal Management?

This YouTube video from Autodesk Simulation breaks down the concepts behind thermal management and how simulations can help minimize potential issues.

What Is Thermal Management
Thermal Management involves the use of temperature monitors and cooling methods. Combined, these help control how hot or cold an environment gets.

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Where Is It Used
Thermal Management is used in environments with temperature-sensitive equipment. For instance, a server farm. Temperatures must remain cool for optimum operations of computer equipment. If they rise, then operations slow. In the worst-case scenario, components could fail.

Generally, anything run with electronics requires thermal management. This isn’t only for industries. A piece of equipment like an air conditioner’s condenser motor requires temperature controls. Should the motor run too hot, then built-in thermal management shuts it down to cool off.

Another example is a fan and heat sink on a computer board. The electronics on this component greatly increase due to high processing speeds. The combination of a board fan and heat sink helps to keep the components cool. Failure of this form of thermal management causes the system to shut down.