What Is a Parcel Contract Optimization?

Parcel shipping refers to the shipment of packages that are less than 150 pounds. Parcel shipping is typically cheaper than freight shipping, but pricing models for parcel are evolving to help small package carriers get a competitive edge. Optimizing your parcel contracts will not leave you feeling uncertain. No one wants to feel like their contract is anything less than the most efficient in the market.

Contracts can be very complex and cumbersome.

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And if you’re not a contract expert with a parcel, there’s a chance some money is being left on the table. This is by the carriers’ design because they have over a hundred different: Surcharges, Accessorial charges, and Service-level costs. The only way you’re negotiating today with your carriers is with their data.

Parcel contract optimization is when experts parcel services to ensure your business has up-to-date and cost-effective parcel shipping solutions. The parcel shipping market is served by a combination of privately owned couriers, global integrators, and national postal operators. It’s not uncommon for even the most sophisticated logistics and transportation professionals to overlook savings opportunities.