What A Job Recruiter Looks For In Engineering Design Applicants

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Finding the right person to fill a job position is a challenging, but necessary task. In 2013, the average amount of time it took to fill a job position was 32 days for a permanent position, eight days for a contract position, and six days for a temp.

It takes a lengthy amount of time to hire for a permanent position because a recruiter must compare one’s qualifications with the company’s needs, wants, and culture. And oftentimes, a job applicant’s qualifications aren’t the only things a job recruiter is looking at, especially when hiring for an engineering design position.

What an executive recruiter looks for in engineering applicants

When it comes to engineering design or a field service engineer position, a job recruiter is more likely to spread their net to consider a wide range of applicants. This is because a college degree doesn’t necessarily determine an applicant’s skill in a specific field.

Additionally, the person capable of filling an engineering design position can’t be chosen based on stereotypes of what an engineer looks like. Demographics often deter some of the best computer scientists and engineers from applying for jobs, but executive search firms and executive search services will be looking for more than demographics.

For this reason, don’t be afraid to show a job recruiter what you can do and why you would be great for the position you’re applying for. Recruiters hire people and are just as likely to hire you based on your quality of personality as they are to hire you based on your resume.

Be sure to meet the basic qualifications

While it’s important to match the company culture of the business you’re applying for, it’s also important to have the basic qualifications for the job position. A job recruiter may be willing to overlook a business’ wants if you as the potential employee meet the company’s needs. However, a candidate is unlikely to get the job if they meet neither the hiring business’ wants or needs.

For this reason, as an engineering applicant, you should be familiar with computer coding, data structures, and algorithms. The more familiar you are with these processes in practice, the more readily you’ll be able to solve coding problems both in the interview and on the job.

A potential employee’s job qualifications are often the first thing a job recruiter will look for when searching for a person to fill a given business’ needed position.
However, as long as you meet the job position’s basic requirements, don’t let a business’ wants deter you from applying for the job. A job recruiter will be considering both your resume as well as your personality during the hiring process. Continue.