Understanding Facebook’s New Terms

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Good SEO companies are always quick to remind their clients that marketing a company depends on more than just Google rankings. Instead, businesses have to invest in everything from website design and hosting to social media marketing to connect with online users on a number of different platforms. Unfortunately, the often latter is more difficult than posting a few statuses and uploading some photos. And to make matters worse, even when you think you have learned how to market your company on a certain website, the website can often change their policies and procedures, sending you back to the drawing board.

This is exactly what happened with Facebook recently: the site released an announcement in late November, and many users are now beginning to notice some changes. But what do these updates mean for social media marketing? Below is a summary of the most significant changes, which may be able to help with your attempts at marketing your company on this popular, changing website.

Privacy Basics
One of the biggest challenges facing Facebook users seems to be understanding the site’s privacy terms and other regulations; just look at the copy-and-paste status going around that forbids Facebook from using pictures, artwork and other information without the user’s permission. While the status isn’t actually a legally-binding or legitimate statement, the confusion behind it likely inspired Facebook’s new Privacy Basics, which helps show users what others see about you, how others interact with you, and what you are (and aren’t) seeing. Good SEO companies and savvy business owners will likely realize that this could be helpful when it comes to presenting information and understanding how they appear to users.

Facebook’s Terms Now Cover All of its’ Services
Whether you’re using a desktop browser, the mobile app, Paper, Rooms, Page Manager, or other products, Facebook’s terms cover them all. While they may have added sections or even separate privacy agreements, those agreements are all the same. Fortunately, this cross-connection will likely make it easier to use different services: for example, you will be able to use your Facebook information to recover your Instagram password.

They Are More Open About Their Tracking Methods
The terms of service now have new descriptions of Facebook’s use of cookies, as well as GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi signals to track location. While some users have been wary of this, the site has been doing these things, which help customize advertising and help users buy things through mobile, for some time. Marketing companies will likely support these applications, as it shows that Facebook is adapting to meet changes in mobile usage, online shopping and location-based advertising.

These recent updates follow several other changes Facebook has made recently, including greater control over ads and privacy. While it is still early to tell, the updates will likely benefit a number of users, and also help companies understand how to better connect with their customers. However, if you are feeling confused or overwhelmed, speaking with one of the good SEO companies in your area about social media marketing may be helpful. Good references here.