Three Trends in the Workforce

Executive search consultant service

Companies are dependent on high level executives to make decisions, draft policies, and choose the best path for the company. Executives often serve as the face of the company. They carry the added burden of making sure the company meets the objectives set by the Board of Directors and the shareholders. It can be very important to the company’s future to make sure the best person is in the job. An executive search is about finding the right fit for the company. It is not about just filling an open position. Executives will shape the company and move it in a new direction. HR consultant companies can help find that perfect candidate that push the company forward. Here are three reasons to hire an executive search firm.

1. Diversity matters. Top company officials probably know top officials from other companies and other candidates that would be acceptable. However, just going by who others know may result in a real lack of diversity in the company. Companies that place emphasis on gender and ethnic diversity outperform their counterparts by 15% or more. Diversity in gender, ethnicity, religion, and experiences bring different points of view and can help reach out to consumers that look or act differently than what the company is used to. HR executive search firms can check across all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds to make sure the best people are applying for the job. This can help push a stagnant company in a new direction.

2. Employees are leaving the workforce. Workers that voluntarily left their jobs by the middle of 2015 numbered 2.7 million. That number was up more then 25% from 2013. People leaving the workforce means there are positions that need to be filled. HR consulting firms can help your company fill the vacancies with highly skilled workers and executives. There are many people out there that want jobs, the key is to find them. An HR consultant can also look at your policies and practices. There may be options available, like a rewards system or earning bonuses, that make working for your company more appealing. Making some changes may help bring in new talent and retain old talent.

3. Millennials can be difficult. Approximately 60% of Millennials are open to switching jobs at any given time. This rate is higher than any other generation and has earned Millennials the term “Job Hopping Generation.” An executive search firm may be able to use this to your benefit by luring the best talent away from their current position. With a proper benefits system in place and a position that is challenging and rewarding, Millennials may want to make your company a workplace they can stay at for years to come. This younger generation can help refresh the company and may increase profits.

Executive search companies can help find the right placements for your executive openings. The challenges of finding proper recruits for top-level positions can be daunting. Let executive search consultants find the right candidates for your company.