Three Tips for Implementing Your First Software Asset Management System

Asset management

Businesses that use software contracts illegally or let them fall out of compliance are constantly in the news. When these issues are caught in a software compliance audit, they can result in hefty fines and even legal battles.

Because of this, it’s crucial for companies to invest in a good software management system in order to organize existing licenses and decide which ones to pursue.

But integrating a software management system isn’t always the smoothest process at first. It requires a major overhaul of existing systems and a considerable amount of manpower. So how can you get through your implementation in one piece?

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself with Details

Software asset management systems can be complicated, and the licenses that they track even more so. When you’re just getting started, focus on organization-wide software licenses instead of nit-picking every small program. Oracle is a great one to start with, and with the increasing prevalence of Microsoft software compliance, software owned by Microsoft should be on the top of your list too. Basically, prioritize based on how much risk each license poses to your company. Microsoft fines are massive. The fines from that third-party note-taking software provider, not so much.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

Don’t get so involved in the minutia of organizing licenses that you forget the process needs to ultimately be user-friendly. If a software asset management program is too difficult to use, the temptation to circumvent it will be even stronger, which can cause problems down the line. Make sure you’re creating the building blocks for better, smoother processes as you go.

Use Resources You Already Have

Think about the systems you already have in place and consider how you can use them for your software management system. For instance, do you already have software request forms filed? Do you have a database where you track purchases? Does your IT department already provide handouts on software policies? Tie them into your new program. Remember, for SAM to succeed you need accessible tools, sustainable processes, and dedicated people. Find out what existing processes and employees can be employed to manage software.

Software advisers and tech support from your chosen asset management solution should be able to help you every step of the way, but don’t forget to do your part to make SAM sustainable. Find more: