Three of the Easiest Ways to Break Your Remote

Sony remote control replacement

Obviously throwing remote controls for TVs against the wall when the Rangers lose their game in the Stanley Cup playoffs, or when George R.R. Martin kills off yet another one of your favorite Game of Thrones characters is going to break them. What’s not so obvious is that there are several other events resulting in the need for replacement television remote controls.

Here are a few of the most frustrating ways to break your remote controls for TVs.

Sticky Fingers.

Everyone loves having a good snack while watching their show. Whether it’s Cheetos, Doritos, or Movie Butter Popcorn, nothing can make TV time more enjoyable than junk food goodness. However, the flavoring and salt on snacks like these can get caked on your fingers. Then, when you use your remote controls for TV, some might get into the remote’s innards. While this won’t break it immediately, you can bet that it’ll eventually gum up the circuitry.

Inadvertent Smashing..

Your remote controls for TVs should have their own designated spot in the house. That way you know where they are when you want to watch the TV, and you know exactly where to put them when you’re done. When you leave them on the floor, you may not be paying attention to where you step. Then, you feel something plastic smash underfoot and realize what’s happened. To avoid stomping your remote controls for TVs to smithereens, it’s best to just put them back where they belong.

Accidental Spillage.

Accidents happen, especially if you have a tendency to overact to the dramatic parts of your show. The shock of the twist ending may make you jump, flinch, swing your arms, or do something that unintentionally knocks over you beer, your soda, or you glass of water… right on to your remote controls for TV. Oops! Naturally, spilling something on an electronic is going to break it, so just be careful if you have a beverage nearby.

Chances are that if any of these scenarios play out for you, you’re going to need to get a TV remote controls replacement, but if you’re careful, you won’t ever have to worry. Just don’t get mad when your favorite castaway gets voted off of Survivor.

If you have any funny stories about breaking your own remote controls for TV, feel free to ask in the comments. More can be found here.