Three Great Tech Changes You Can Make for Your Small Business

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Every small business wants to improve and make more profits while growing at a rate they can handle. But how? One way your business can pull ahead is by adapting to new technology. New systems can help you improve your operations, while simultaneously cutting down on everyday costs.

As Fox Business points out, though, it’s not as simple as just adopting every new technology or innovation you hear of. “Not only are there so many types of technologies from which to choose, but making the wrong decision can result in additional problems instead of fixing those the technology was designed to solve,” they say.

What smart changes can you make for your small business? Here are three suggestions.

1. Enhanced Connectivity

Whether it’s CRM solutions, tablets, smartphones or cloud hosting services, there are a lot of great technologies available for companies that want to engage in better communication. Great communication can help to speed up workflow and eliminate problems before they snowball. It’s interesting that 72% of small business owners believe that new technologies can offer a better ROI than new employees. This can certainly be true if you use cloud solutions, for example, to automate the process of storing payment information. Cloud computing is one of the greatest technology changes small businesses have seen in the last 20 years.

2. Automating Payroll

According to Fox Business, 63% of small business owners feel overwhelmed by the number of technology choices available to them. How do you know what to pick? One thing almost every business can stand to improve through automation is payroll. Every year, small businesses across the country lose millions of dollars collectively owing to payroll error that effects taxation. Automating payroll not only eliminates human error and the time and money it can take to fix, but it also gives employees a set and consistent payment route.

3. Take Small Tasks Out of the Hands of Your Employees

In political circles, it’s fairly well known that many volunteers are sold on the idea of “stuffing envelopes” but, in truth, they are almost never stuck with that task. Why? It takes hours for a person to do this task, and minutes for an envelope folding and stuffing machine. It makes sense to free up your employees for tasks that benefit your company’s image. Automate tasks like envelope stuffing, cashiering, and more.

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