The Complete Guide to Hiring a Java Developer

Java happens to be one of the most widely used programming languages. This explains why there is a huge demand for people who are very knowledgeable of this programming language. To put things into perspective, Java can be described as the common language in the IT industry. It simply helps in the development of various applications and making them shareable on different platforms. Due to its popularity, it is the dream of many people to at least add the qualification of a java programmer in their resumes. Knowledge in java programs is meant to increase their competitive advantage in the otherwise challenging IT world. Before hiring a java programmer, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration so that you find the right person for the job. This means that the hiring process should not be casual but rather, ensure that you do not make common errors that could see you hire an unqualified java programmer. You find that there are people who learn java online and go ahead to call themselves experts in database design and other applications where java is used. The seriousness of the hiring process should be based on the complexity of the role you want the java programmer to play. Unfortunately, most people do not know where to start when it comes to hiring a java programmer. Below are tips to get you started when it comes to hiring the right java programmer.

Be Clear and Precise on What You Want
A common mistake that people make when hiring java developers is not being clear on exactly what they are looking for. Almost any hiring process begins with a job advertisement where you detail out the job description. Do not leave anything to chance when describing the java programmer job description on your advert. Be sure to mention the kind of skillsets you are more interested in. For starters, java programmers are expected to have extensive knowledge of the c++ language. Knowledge of other programming languages such as linux, sql and unix is supposed to be an added advantage. By detailing this in your job posting, you are likely to significantly reduce your pool of potential candidates. This can save you a great amount of time since you don’t have to spend too much time interviewing unqualified candidates. Apart from knowledge in programming languages, be sure to mention the kind of expertise you are looking for. Do you need someone who has basic experience with java programs or you need a senior java programmer who has extensive experience in the field and can carry out complex applications of the language.
Find the Candidates Yourself

If you want to hire the right java developer for your business, make sure that you take charge of the hiring process. There is always the temptation of using a consultancy firm to do the hiring thus saving you time. While this is not entirely a bad idea, you are better off doing the hiring yourself so that you can assess the candidates against their qualifications. To start with, go to places where java developers meet. The communities of developers often organize seminars and conferences on frequent basis. It is such places that you might find the right candidate for the job. By attending such conferences, you can assess how well an individual is knowledgeable in programming languages through a mere conversation. The conversation is not even supposed to be about the job offer but a general talk related to java. Apart from seminars, you have the option of contacting local universities for the right candidate. The computer science departments in most universities have a list of the best performing students in java programming. You will be surprised that there are very many potential candidates for the job that are often overlooked. The next time you want to hire a java programmer, do not take a casual approach to the hiring process. The best programmer will not come easy and will require you to get involved and make a shortlist of the kind of java developer you are looking for.