Technology Continues to Play an Increasingly Important Role in Many Business Settings

Technology waits for no man.

Or no woman.

Or no business, for that matter.

From HDMI plates and brackets to mounting internet cables to low voltage mounting brackets, today’s homes and, especially businesses, have many kinds of specific adaptations for technology. In some offices, entire rooms are set up as speaker phones so that anyone’s voice can be projected from any place to the entire space. And while it may come as no surprise that business offices are transforming into advanced technological spaces, the reality is that to be effective other kinds of work spaces need to as well. Churches, dentist offices, local government buildings, and nearly every other space that is going to be effective must be equipped with the right number of HDMI plates and other accessories that allows everyone to stay connected.

What Technological Adaptations Have Been Made to Your Office Space?

Whether you are the only secretary in a church office or one an entire office of workers in a higher education teacher support center, you have likely seen many improvements to your office space to make technology more accessible and reliable. The typical elementary classroom, for instance, in the last two decades alone may have transformed from a space with a blackboard to a white board that served as a projection screen to an interactive touch screen that covers an entire wall. And while some of the classrooms may have had laptop or tablet carts in the past, in some places the carts are gone and everyone in the class now has their own school provided devices.
Today’s technology provides a platform for workers to share ideas across a room or across a meeting space. In fact, there are now so many ways to stay connected that many people are able to telecommute and work from home. None of these transitions, of course, just happen. They all take a concentrated effort to make sure that technology is not only installed, but also maintained. Having the right HDMI plates other connection panels is, of course, one of the changes that needed to be made to many spaces. And even in a time when so many connections are wireless, it is always necessary that you have a landline, so to speak, as a backup. In most offices these means that there needs to be a staff, or at least a dedicated person who is responsible for making sure that all technologies are working.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many ways that technology has literally infiltrated both out personal lives and our work spaces:

  • Although each manufacturer determines the parameters for what is to be transferred via HDMI in their components, HDMI can pass video resolutions from 480i up to 4K.
  • Even though they are traditionally known for spreading a different kind of message via the pulpit, churches today are adopting new technology. In fact, 77.32% of churches use Twitter, while fully 98.97% of churches indicate that they use Facebook.
  • 33% of churches now use video clips during the worship service, and the same percentage use a slide presentation tool such as PowerPoint, according to The Clergy Journal.
  • Not surprising, 9 out of 10 American adults use the Internet, according to the Pew Research Center.
  • The maximum recommended length for most Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet cables is 100 meters, which is equivalent to 328 feet, so there are still limitations to some kinds of accessories.
  • Proving their flexibility, however, most Category 5 cables can be bent at any radius exceeding approximately four times the outside diameter of the cable.
  • With HDMI plates and other similar accessories, it is easy to keep cords and cables hidden.

From 8k televisions to HDMI plates, there are many technologies that are now a standard in all kinds of offices. Knowing that these accessories are so prevalent in today’s world, it is more and more common, in fact, for them to be built into all new spaces that are designed. Whether you are considering installing remote controlled security cameras at your office, or you are preparing to make it easier for your employees to telecommute, the technology additions that you make to your work place can create a more efficient and effective environment.