Staying Connected How to Find Reliable Mobile Device Repairs in Your Area

Cell phone repair

Technology has become an integrated part of who we are in the 21st century as nearly every American has a full-time connection to the internet via a mobile device. Ipads, smartphones, and other technological marvels help to frame the very way we live our lives through organization, messaging, and e-commerce. While our reliance on technology may raise a number of existential questions in its own right, we as a species have accepted technology as a necessity for modern living.

Always Plugged In

For the first time in human history, we are able to hold the single largest reservoir of human knowledge in the palm of our hands thanks to mobile devices with WiFi compatibility. Nearly a third of the population is wholly dependent upon their mobile device as they check their mobile device every 30 minutes or so and say they could only go a few hours without their phone if they had to. Around 29% of the population say that their smartphone is both the first and the last thing that they look at each and every day. The two-thirds of Americans who own a smartphone regularly use their mobile devices to stay connected to the world around them, so what happens if and when these devices break down?

How Easily Phones Break

Since our phones have become so attached to us, it makes sense that they be subjected to the perils of modern life; unfortunately the devices rarely withstand the abuse. Cell phone repair services have become accustomed to the various ways that users damage their mobile devices. According to experts, roughly 35% of iPhone repairs are directly due to water damage from dropping the device in a bathtub, toilet, sink, or natural body of water. Sporting events and recreational activities have claimed 23 million mobile devices; 12% of which were allegedly destroyed in a “fit of passion” by their owners. The internet had a field day with the release of the iPhone 6: not only was the newest iPhone packed full of new features, it was also easy to break: a number of users posted pictures of their iPhones that was reminiscent of contortionists due to the relative ease for which the devices could bend, in many cases iPhone repair was not a legitimate option. Around 43% of iPhone users had to have professional iPhone screen repair after dropping their device on a hard surface, making it the single most common way for one to break such a device.

Finding a Professional Cell Phone Repair Service

The same principles that apply to computer repair extend to mobile device repair. A growing number of businesses have specialized in smartphone repairs — these businesses can do everything from iPad screen repairs to restoring a smartphone to factory status. Repairing an existing mobile device could be significantly cheaper than buying a new one — plus depending on the issue many companies are able to salvage a user’s information including but not limited to: contacts, apps, and documents. Whether in need of Windows, Android, or iPhone repair, a trusted local smartphone repair company can keep you connected at all times.