Restoring an Ace Plate

In this interesting YouTube video, you will learn some helpful tips about refinishing and cleaning up an old Ace Surface Plate to make it look almost like new again. Going from a plate that is corroded, rusted, and absolutely ancient looking to a clean and usable piece, this video shows the step-by-step process involved. The focus on the video is to make plate efficiency restoration faster and easier for those who might be attempting it for the first time.

It starts with tips on how to know a piece is worth investing the time and money it.

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Then you see how the initial clean up process begins and what might actually lay under all that rust and grime. You will get some ideas on the products that can help improve your clean-up process as well as some tools that can make everything much faster and easier as well. In the video you will watch the transformation happen right before your eyes while also getting some very useful tips and reminders that can help you get the best possible results. So, check it out today to see how to make plate efficiency restoration faster and easier the next time you give it a try!.