Reasons to Buy a New Office Chair

Ergonomic computer chairs

One of the most commonly suffered ailments is back pain. Almost 80% of people will experience it at least once in their lives, experts estimate. Back pain is commonly associated with work related activities like lifting heavy objects or even just sitting in an office chair. Sitting does not seem to be a dangerous or injury causing activity, but not having ergonomic desk chairs for back pain can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort.
We need good desk chairs for back pain because we are often engaging in activities and habits that can cause back pain because of chairs that are not ergonomic. Hunching forward to get closer to a screen can cause three to four more times back strain. Hunching can also make us more apt to be injured because it leads to tension and rigidity in the joints and muscles. Not having ergonomic computer chairs can also lead to other strains and pains in the leg and neck muscles as well.
Good desk chairs for back pain will have good lower back support. The National Institute of Health recommends a well placed cushion at the lower back to offer better lumbar support. The NIH also suggests having a chair with five points on the base to keep you from potentially tipping over in your chair and to make moving around easier. Good desk chairs for back pain will also have a seat pan with sliding capabilities to allow for adjustment according to the user’s size.
Not having the best ergonomic office chair can be a serious source of discomfort. Many of us spend hours a day sitting down either at home or in the office, which sometimes cannot be avoided. Finding the best ergonomic desk chair for you is the best option for alleviating and avoiding back pain. The best desk chairs for back pain are adjustable to fit your size and have good lower back support.