Need To Design A Website For Your Business?

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The foundation of any modern business, big or small, is a strong web presence. This can be a social media account or two, a pervasive marketing campaign or, particularly, a memorable and polished website. First impressions go a long way and your website, a hub of easily accessible information and images, are often the first way a customer gets to know you. It can be difficult picking up HTML or learning color theory on the fly, however, and this is where functional website design and working with online proposal software comes into play. When custom web applications are eluding you and you’re already on a tight schedule, there are many easy resources you can access to make sure your business doesn’t fall to the wayside. Let’s take a look at some simple tips and statistics so you can get started today.

Did You Know?

A whopping 75% of users will make snap judgments about a company’s credibility and transparency based on their website alone. Another 40% of people will abandon a web page entirely if it takes more than three seconds to load! The Internet has transformed people’s expectations and turned accessibility, as well as speed, into top priorities when shopping and searching. Working with online proposal software or custom mobile application development will give you the skills you need to speed up your applications and keep your customers around. When it comes to mobile devices, like tablets and phones, you need to be familiar with current trends to stay on top of your game.

Mobile Devices And Apps

Your business doesn’t just end at a shiny website — mobile devices, such as iPads and tablets, are more popular than ever! One in three American adults own a tablet or an e-reader, using these devices for browsing, chatting, reading and downloading music and videos. Over 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets every week and well over 80% of mobile devices users spend their time browsing applications. When hiring a designer it’s essential to make sure the website design process incorporates mobile-friendly web pages, as you run the risk of alienating a huge customer base if you don’t! While it can be tempting to overload your website with eye-catching videos, the key to success is moderation.

Videos And Images

Too much text can be draining on the eyes and, when you consider the fast lives many people lead, getting wordy can spell doom for your brand. Adding simple videos as well as engaging images will keep customers around and wanting more while keeping them from being overloaded with too much sensory input. A recent survey saw videos getting a stunning 267% more links than regular posts, while only 20% of people will read text if a video is already available. Any and all videos should be short and carefully placed to reduce lag — remember that websites that load too slowly will quickly be forgotten!

Working With Online Proposal Software

The Internet is all about quick information and using the right software can make or break a successful business. Nearly 60% of large enterprises will use cloud storage software to improve integration between development and operations, while a significant amount turn to blog, social media and search engine optimization to invite more eyes on their brand. Using online proposal software alongside a solid web design process can streamline the basics and get you back to what you do best — promoting your brand and reeling in a loyal customer base! Open up your local directory and take a look at web designers so you can spend more time selling and less time remaining in the dark.