Industrial 3D Scanning Improves Security and Reliability

Radiographic inspection

We live in a world that needs to be increasingly concerned about safety. Luckily, 3D inspection software and other technologies can allow a sense of security that has not always been possible in the past. Used in everything from industrial computerized tomography (CT) scanning of automobile parts to industrial x-ray inspection which can effectively handle large volumes of inspection work with ease, an industrial inspection service can help create a sense of safety.
Before the development of 3D inspection software, previous technology used for inspection was either touch probe, line of sight 3D scanning or 2D x-ray inspection. Although each of these previous technologies were effective, they each had downfalls. Some of the downfalls were in lack of speed, some could potentially destroy the part to capture internal features, and some had difficulty capturing accurate internal part data.
Although the weaknesses in the previous inspection softwares were known, market awareness and education have proven to be difficult and costly when it comes to creating new inspection methods. Over the years the best companies have purchased and developed a wide variety of CT systems. Because it is difficult for one type and size of scanning device to handle inspection of all of the scanning needed in industry, these ground breaking companies have worked to develop a greater variety of technologies.
Continued development in the industrial CT scanning process allows customers to reduce their new product inspection costs and failure analysis costs by at least 25%. In the best case scenarios, these same costs have been cut as much as 75% when compared to existing technology.
Top companies educate themselves by obtaining training globally and also elevating their skills by employing workers with years of experience. This high level of education and training is necessary because global competition toward the same technologies is intense. Improved scanning and research technologies help industries improve and increase their ability to produce structurally sound materials and parts. In December 2014, for example, production in China had increased by about 8%. During a similar time period, between August 2014 and August 2015, the total industrial world production only increased by 0.9 points.
The best inspection software and hardware development companies not only have the most CT systems in house for service work, but they also continue to work toward ways to more effectively handle large volumes of inspection work accurately. The best 3D inspection software systems also provide internal 3D scanning and x-ray inspection. Using this advanced equipment, the best companies can provide and meet the internal part inspection requirements of clients for most parts in a variety of industries. Improved scanning technologies equal faster and more accurate parts production, as well as improved security measures throughout the transportation industry.