How to Take a Better Social Media Profile Picture

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No matter how many funny things you post, no matter how cool the news articles are that you share, no matter who it is checking out your social media profile, people are going to judge you based on your profile pictures, because first impressions are virtually always visual.

However, this can actually work to your advantage. With a great profile picture, you can impress whomever may stumble across your social media. So social media users, grab your point and shoot digital cameras, and uses these tips to take a better profile picture.

Learn How to Use Self-Timers.

Selfies might be the cool way to take a picture nowadays, but point and shoot digital cameras come with self-timers for a reason. They allow you to get your whole body into the frame, and to set things up just the way you’d like. Selfies only allow you to fit your face in, and not much else. Plus, they’re physically demanding. You have to stretch your arm and move it around, trying to figure out the best angle. Instead, use the self-timer that most point and shoot digital cameras come with to not only take a better picture, but do it more easily, too.

Go Someplace Interesting.

Taking pictures before you go out to the bar is always a fun time, especially if your look is on point, but let’s face it, your house probably isn’t the most exciting of places to be photographed. Instead, why not get you and your friends’ picture at the bar, where the action is? Or even better, go someplace new and exciting, like a national park or a museum.

Do Something Cool.

There’s nothing wrong with posing for a picture, but standing there, trying to look your best, getting your good side in, and forcing a smile does not make for a quality profile picture. Isn’t it a better idea for people to bring their point and shoot digital cameras on adventures with them? Go sledding, walking, kayaking, partying, painting, reading, something. Rather than just standing there, do something worth having point and shoot digital cameras pointing and shooting at you.

It doesn’t matter what equipment you got from online digital camera stores. What matters is the content of your photo. Even the worst point and shoot digital cameras can be used to take awesome profile pictures so long as they’re well composed.

If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments. For more about this, go here.