How to Spot SEO Company Services That Are Actually Worth Your Time and Money

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Finding reliable search engine optimization services is crucial if you want to survive in the Internet Age, especially if you’re a small business without the resources to implement a smart marketing campaign for yourself. With $1.5 trillion expected to be spent online in 2014, according to eMarketer, and 93% of all online experiences driving sales being generated starting with search engines, like Google and Bing, the importance of getting noticed in search engine results is an absolute no-brainer.

Unfortunately, finding SEO company services that have what it takes to propel you to digital marketing success is often easier said than done. If you’re tired of paying for someone to market your company, only to find they can’t market their way out of a box, here are three tips you should follow to find SEO company services worth your time and money.

Three Ways to Separate Good SEO Company Services from the Bad

  1. Find SEO Services That Match Your Business Culture
  2. According to Huffington Post, one of the most essential things to consider when searching for SEO company services is their business culture. Does it mesh with yours, or does it run across the grain, setting your company up for a poor working relationship? Whether you like your workers to wear dresses and ties or you prefer a more casual work culture, finding someone with a similar mentality is the best way to make magic happen.

  3. Goals Are Great, but Promises Should Be Ignored
  4. When you first make contact with a marketing firm you’re considering, you should tell them what you want out of their services. In turn, they should be able to present you with a clear set of deliverables that propel you toward reaching your goals. These goals are a great sign of initiative that can give you an idea of what to expect from a firm. However, as Search Engine Journal points out, there is a big difference between setting goals and making unattainable promises. The biggest faux pas on the part of marketers? Promising you a number one spot in Google search results. It’s impossible to guarantee, so if a firm tries to make that promise as part of its pitch, leave them in the dust.

  5. Look for Firms with “Certified Google Partner” Status
  6. As Google suggests, if you want to spot a great SEO service, look for one that has earned its stripes as a Google Certified Partner. These are firms with professionals who have passed Google’s tests and demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of modern, ethical web marketing techniques. If Google, the biggest player in the online world, feels a firm can be trusted, why shouldn’t you?

Do you like your SEO company services? What did you use to tell them apart from the less worthy? Let us know in the comment section below. More research here.