How to Make Your Next Presentation a Cause For Applause Not Alarm

Professional powerpoint graphics

We have all been in those meetings with the one awkward guy who decides that the best way to jazz up meeting is to include a powerpoint presentation. You probably know what happens next, there is wave of uncomfortable murmurs and a couple of chuckles as this ill informed newbie starts a doomed slide show. Think of all the cliches that you have seen in powerpoint presentations, awkward typeface, small font, bullet lists that have only one item in them. These things are expected. Although powerpoint is a powerful presentation tool, many users don’t get past an 11th grade proficiency when using it. This is one of the reasons why several business presentation design services offer powerpoint services for their customers. Luckily you don’t have to be an expert in powerpoint services to add a bit of professional powerpoint graphics flair to your next meeting. Below you’ll find tips that will ensure your next presentation will be cause for applause not alarm.

Powerpoint Production Services Embrace Narratives with Their Presentation.

Imagine that you are talking to a person at party. After you say your hellos they begin to just prattle on about all sorts of disjointed information that leaves you scratching your head trying to figure out the point. Just at the moment when you are about ready to rip out your hair and scream this person mutters the end and you suddenly realize that they were telling you what was supposed to be a story. Many presenters do just this, they give a series of seemingly unrelated information that apparently have a connection and then come to an ending. Just like most things in life a good story and solid presentation needs to have a clear beginning, middle and end. There is a reason why stories are some of the most effective information delivery systems. By having a natural arc to your presentation you allow your audience to follow where you are going without them feeling like they are lost.

Most Powerpoint Services Balk at the Conventional Slide Presentation

Thinking outside of the box might come off sounding like a cliche, but it is the truth. Nobody wants to see a basic looking slide with a bunch of bullet points and a standard looking background. You might as well show the folks in your meeting a stop sign. If you think that you can get away with the basic powerpoint setup you might as well go back to high school. Especially in this day and age where people are expecting to be engaged, to be honest, they deserve to be wowed if you are asking for their attention. Even if you are the most eloquent speaker in the world a bland presentation can distract your audience from your intended message.

Choose Multimedia Design Wisely

While straying away from the beaten path can pay off, there are limits to this. Think about all the garish neon colors of the 90s, you probably wouldn’t want to incorporate these in your design, it might come off as unprofessional. While pictures and videos can add a lot of texture to a standard powerpoint presentation they need to be used sparingly so as not to seem distracting or messy. Another rookie mistake to avoid is choosing a font that is to silly or whimsical, the classic example of this would be the use of papyrus or comic sans.

Strike the Right Balance Between What is Displayed on Screen and What is Said

Another mistake that novice presenters make is the inclusion of too much or too little information on their slides. While some opt for slides that only have two bullet points for a 3 minute section, others go the opposite direction and include entire paragraphs on their slides. The best way to avoid these mistakes is by writing out your presentation and having a bullet point for each paragraph section. This information should be the heart of each paragraph and should give the audience a general idea of the content of the presentation long after it has been delivered.

We don’t all have the resources for professional powerpoint services, but with a little bit of research and innovation you can put together show stopping meetings.