How to Choose Printer Toner, Ink, and More

Toner cartridge refills

When it comes to keeping your printer stocked with supplies, it soon becomes clear that the costs add up. And because your printer is a vital part of accomplishing your daily goals, it is understandable that you might wonder if there is any way you can maximize the use and performance of your printer toner, ink, and more. Fortunately, there are a number of tips that can help you get the most out of your printer products. So before you order more printer toner refills and ink cartridges, read on:

One of the first steps to improving the performance of your printer is to consider the printer itself. Are you using the right type of printer for your work? Are you using the recommended products for the machine you have? Research shows that as many as 66% of all printer users report a variety of problems while using third party printer supplies instead of high quality ones; therefore, if you have noticed problems with your printer, a good first step may be to switch to better ink and toner.

If you are happy with your printer and are using the recommended supplies, a good way to save on your printing budget is by switching to a different form of compatible ink cartridges. Because the ink manufacturing business in the United States is steadily growing, with an annual growth rate of 6.9% since 2009, there are a number of ink cartridges designed to last longer and produce more pages. For example, high yield products such as the HP LaserJet Dual packs allow customers to save up to 37% with more than three times the print volume over standard cartridges. The average price per page for these high yield ink cartridges is usually about 3.4 cents for black ink and 10.4 cents for four colors. However, if you are looking for printer supplies that are simultaneously cost-effective and environmentally friendly, cartridge-free solid ink products produce up to 90% less waste than comparable laser products. Likewise, solid ink printers have been shown to exhibit an approximately 17% lower Cumulative Energy Demand and 13% lower Global Warming Potential than laser printers. However, even if you are content with your laser printer, research shows that ink refills are an option best avoided: 72% of tested refilled ink cartridges failed during use or right out of the box.

Likewise, printer toner refills may not be a reliable option, but there are a variety of different brands of printer toner cartridges that can help you optimize the performance of your printer. For example, Enhanced Monochrome Toner requires 15% less power to reach fusing temperature, creating a 10 to 15% improvement in energy consumption per page. As always, check to make sure your printer is compatible with the supplies you are using before testing a new product.

Finally, when you finish your toner and ink cartridges, be sure to recycle the cartridges instead of wasting time and money on printer ink and printer toner refills. Since the HP Planet Partners program for cartridge recycling began in 1991, HP has recycled more than 250 million HP print cartridges worldwide, reducing landfill waste. While printer supplies may not be cheap, they are necessary, and optimizing your printer performance also helps reduce its effect on the planet as a whole. Get more on this here: