How Does a Breathing Air Compressor Work?

When you need breathing air compressors, you may wonder how they work. Many of today’s models have a small computer on them that measures the lifetime of the filter. It even flashes the filter’s part number to make things easier.

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The computer also tells you when the unit is due for maintenance. High-quality breathing air compressors run on a lubricant that can keep them running for thousands of hours.

Having a high-quality compressor that is made from the right materials increases the safety of refilling the unit. There are some low-quality units on the market, and these may have safety issues as well as needing more lubricant after only 50 hours of running time. The filling bars need to be self-venting to allow for the air cylinders to be filled very quickly. Many higher-end models have stainless steel frames to prevent any corrosion.

The higher-end compressors have better measuring precision as well as lasting longer and are easier to use. There are a number of compact models on the market that have innovative technology. When you have a good quality breathing air compressor, it can run for many years because it’s made from quality materials. It can save you money in the long run.