How a VOIP System Can Save Your Business Money

Installation of sip trunks

The internet has advanced. The technology in our cell phones has advanced. Even the way that we pay for our groceries at the grocery store has advanced. It seems like everywhere we go, technology is finding a way to change the way we once did things. Technology has improved store check outs, online shopping and even the way that we run a business. It has changed how we communicate with employees, store investors and corporate level directors. In past times, if we needed to reach someone, we had to call them at home and wait for them to return our call. Now, we can pull out our cell phones and send a quick E-mail or text message. The same changes have even occurred with how we communicate over the phone and with our customers.

Many businesses are still using regular phone lines, but are finding that their customers want more and that they are not communicating as frequently because of this. Phone calls are being moved to the cloud. A local business phone partner can provide you and your company with the necessary resources to enable cloud hosted VOIP solution, or voice over IP solution. A cloud based IP solution must be hosted by someone, preferably a local business phone partner. The hosted VOIP system will allow the business to communicate with its customers easier and quicker.

Many businesses choose to move to local business phone partner or premise based VOIP systems. Moving to VOIP services is not only done for convenience and customer satisfaction, but also for cost savings. A company that relies on a large communication company, rather than a local business phone partner is likely to pay more for their phone services. In fact, small businesses that switch to VOIP reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40%. Considering that most businesses are making calls that are local, this can result in large cost savings for the business.

Additionally, VOIP can cut initial startup costs for a new business by up to 90%.
The biggest reason for a switch to advanced hosted telephone technologies is to increase business
. In an article by Forbes, a study of over 10,000 companies revealed that 71% of internet leads are wasted due to the extended response time. It was discovered that it takes close to 2 days on average for a return call to be made and that representatives only try calling 1.3 times. This loss of business is unacceptable to businesses who are attempting to grow their customer base. A business phone system consultation will reveal all of the benefits that VOIP can offer to your business.

Technology has changed the way we do many of our everyday activities. It can continue to improve and expand our capabilities, including in a business sense. A business that wants to be successful must continue with these changes, ensuring that their customers are easily reachable and satisfied. The internet has allowed VOIP services to change the way that businesses communicate with their customers, and can even save them money. The cost savings can be huge to a company that is just starting out.