Five Fascinating Facts About the Way People Use Search Engines

Benefits of a website

Using search engines as a way to connect to customers is quickly becoming one of the most effective of the different types of marketing strategies. By boosting your company’s rankings in a search engine’s results, there can be countless advantages and benefits of having a website optimized for search engines.

But do you know as much as you think you do about how advantageous a search engine can be for your website?

Here are the five most interesting facts about how people use search engines in 2014:

1. Search engines are the gateway to the web: Did you know that an astonishing 93% of all experiences on the web begin with a search engine? The search engine is the best way for people to find whatever they’re looking for online — whether it’s a product, service or brand they’d like to know more about. Not taking advantage of the search engine means your company will be ignored by all these web users.

2. Companies and businesses use search engines as a marketing tool: Of all the different types of marketing strategies, search engine optimization is one of the fastest-growing fields. Because about 75% of search engine users won’t scroll past the first page of search results,

3. People are searching the web from their mobile devices: Currently, 50% of all web searches are made on a mobile device — and this number will undoubtedly continue to grow. To take advantage of all the benefits of mobile advertising and the benefits of mobile marketing, creating a mobile website outfitted with responsive web design is essential.

4. Search engines are going local: One of the biggest of the different types of marketing strategies is taking advantage of local search. About one third of all search engine queries are for local, location-specific businesses and companies — so employing a local search engine optimization strategy is crucial for making sure your website shows up in these local searches.

5. Search engines connect people with information: It’s no coincidence that search engines are the most popular Internet activity along with email around the world. Search engines link people up with products and services that they need — who knows, at this very minute someone could be trying to find what your company has to offer! Continue your research here.