Explore Your Creative Side When You Use Digital Printing Services

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Are you looking for a new way to get your business out there? Are you searching for a new and improved advertising strategy to up sales for the new year? Have you considered using digital printing services? Digital printing services in combination with simpler print communications can have a huge impact on your business’s sales. Additionally, digital printing services can offer you a wider range of flexibility and creativity with how your advertising looks. With large format printing, offset printing services, and rush printing services that are available 24/7, you’re sure to find a company and a printing type that works best for you, whether it’s digital printing services or otherwise. Keep in mind that a combination of different types of advertising will have the best effect — everything from outdoor advertising, print communications, and radio or TV advertisements can help get your business more exposure and increase your effective advertising.
What Areas Does Digital Printing Services Encompass?
Although digital printing services can be used for smaller scale advertising like mailers, flyers, and promotional features, its real strength lies in being able to print larger scale advertising measures, such as banners, vehicle wraps, or even building wraps. Car wraps created by digital printing services are perhaps one of the most interesting ways of advertising. Indeed, when consumers were interviewed, almost 50% said they saw car wraps as one of the most unique ways of advertising. Oh, the power of digital printing services! With digital printing services, you’re also able to modify the image easily and print large batches in a relatively small amount of time.
Although digital printing services can sometimes be a bit more expensive because of the more advanced technology used, it’s often offset by all the technicalities involved with printing plates that are used in more traditional methods of printing. For businesses that are constantly advertising new services or materials, digital printing services are optional because of their fast turnaround time and on-demand print services.
Why Should I Combine Digital Advertising Along With Print Communications?
Although digital rules many aspects of our world these days, good old-fashioned print communications (either created using digital printing services or not) remains an effective measure of advertising, Indeed, over 75% of all businesses say that their best marketing strategy uses both print and digital communication to reach their customer base. In 2014, almost $50 billion was spent on direct mail marketing (probably produced by some type of digital printing services). Additionally, when consumers were polled, almost 75% of Americans said that they actually preferred direct mail communications because they can read the information whenever they choose. With some larger digital print services choice of advertising (such as building wraps or vehicle wraps), it’s there and then it’s gone, once the vehicle goes by, or you move past the building.
It’s been shown that people are more likely to remember things if they come in recent regular contact with it. So while digital advertising can often be more eye-catching or memorable, having advertising in print form forces customers to interact with it, even if they’re just throwing it out. And many times, while on the way to the garbage can or the recycling bin, they’ll take a glance at whatever they’re about to throw out. Indeed, research shows that once mail comes into the home, around 80% will sort it right away, and almost 20% will do it later that day. Either way, the consumer is likely to interact with the material. Almost 85% of Americans remember the name of a company if they get a promotional gift with the logo or brand name on it — even if they don’t contact the business right away. And promotional calendars are kept by consumers usually all year round!
Consider using digital printing services to spice up your advertising game. With digital printing services, you’re sure to have a wider array of options and methods of getting your business’s name and services out there. You can have your advertising materials faster, at a lower cost, and with a greater turnaround rate — why wouldn’t you choose to use digital printing services for your advertising?