Create Your TV Ads, But Don’t Forget the Internet

Advantages and disadvantages of tv advertising

Considering that TV provides Americans with the best way to learn about new brands and products, spending your money on TV commercial advertising may be worth it.

It’s true that TV advertising costs can reach into the thousands for a simple 30-second spot on the air, but with almost 100% of homes in the U.S. fitted with a TV, your chances of reaching out to a large audience are fairly high.

But the best marketing strategies always utilize a multi-pronged approach to attract the highest number of consumers. So, along with advertising on TV, consider investing in online marketing to promote your company.

Online marketing includes a host of strategies that include social media, email, and website design. One of the most effective marketing tactics in recent years has been search engine optimization.

SEO aims at boosting your search engine rankings using several different methods. Your rankings matter because search is the second most popular internet activity, and for every search conducted, about 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results. So, if your website only appears on the third, fourth, or tenth page, most users will never see it.

In an SEO company, analysts look into which words and phrases a user will likely type into a search engine to find information about a topic related to a client. The company usually has onsite writers who create high quality content with these keywords and phrases organically woven into the piece. These are loaded onto the client’s website and on other sites on the web, with each keyword or phrase acting as a back link to the client’s site. Also, studies show that most users ignore paid advertisements and links, so organic content will be critical.

Social media and web design can also be search engine optimized for clients, and each of these marketing strategies can significantly boost your online presence.

With the help of an SEO company, you could be on your way to driving more traffic to your website. TV ads will still be effective, but internet marketing is the wave of the future.
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