Can You Check These Important Hacks Off of Your SQL Server Security Checklist?

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Sql database

Whether you’re new to the world of SQL databases or are a seasoned SQL server expert, everyone realizes the importance of cyber security these days, especially since data breaches seem to be at an all time high. In addition to carefully following the SQL best practices by carefully following the appropriate database design steps, it’s also important to understand how to secure SQL server databases.

There are four main types of database security: SQL server configuration, user management, security at the operating system level, and physical security. By learning more about these four important areas of SQL database security, you can minimize the risk of a data breach.

Here’s what should by on your SQL Server security checklist:

Physical security

There’s a reason why physical security should be at the top of your SQL Server security checklist.
It’s just as important to secure the physical environment of your database server as it is to secure the virtual one.

Think about it; does it make it any sense to have your SQL Server protected at the maximum level but leave its physical location open for tampering? That would be like investing in a top of the line home security system and leaving all the doors and windows wide open! As such, it’s important to limit physical access to your physical database server storing the backup at an offsite location, create alerts for hardware warnings, and limit the number of people who have access to the physical database.

Operating system security

In the digital era, physical security is important but it’s simply not enough. In addition to physical security, the operating system security should also be at the very top of your SQL Server security checklist. It’s important to tighten security to the maximum level possible on the operating system which the SQL Server is being installed. Without doing this crucial step, a data hacker could breach your SQL Server and gain access to your data by logging files. Limiting the number of people who have administrator access is one way to tighten security. It’s also recommended to configure a protective firewall for additional security.

Network security

Having a firewall is a must when it comes to SQL Server security checklists, especially when it comes to securing a network. Since all data travels through networks, these’s channels of communication and sensitive information need to be protected in order to prevent data flow to unwanted destinations and into the wrong hands.