Are You Looking for Industrial CT Scanning Services?

Reverse engineering services

Technology is amazing. With a single scan, an industrial x-ray inspection can determine how a part is made and if that part has any defects. Used in combination with assembly analysis, industrial x-ray equipment can map out the process for recreating nearly any part. Understandably, this reverse engineering process is costly. As a result, few plants or manufacturing companies have these machines on site. Assembly analysis and other industrial inspection equipment is most often provided to a company that specializes in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) work.
Because of the detail and complexity of these OEMs their services are used by a variety of fields, including:

  • aerospace
  • archeology
  • automotive
  • consumer products
  • electricity and engergy
  • forensics
  • geology
  • military defense
  • medicine

Perhaps what makes this technology especially interesting is that the size of the part being inspected is not an issue. In fact, parts as small as .5mm in length and parts as large as 660mm in diameter and 1m in length can all be digitally x-rayed. And not matter the size, today;s technology allows for x-rays to be taken as fast as 30 frames a second. This speed provides detail that allows OEMs to reverse engineer most products. And while these services are also used in the product development and testing stage, many OEMs use these services to help their customers replace or rebuild parts that can no longer be purchased.
Assembly analysis allows companies to perform non destructive testing (NDT) during development. The process of NDT allows companies to more affordably test for product reliability and product safety. Both preproduction and production inspection services help OEMs and other manufacturing companies provide reliable parts and products.
Industrial CT technology and other forms of assembly analysis continue to improve very quickly. Although a few single CT slices could take hours to generate 20 years ago, reconstructing complete 3D models with billions of voxels is now completed in a few seconds. and as fast as the technology develops the industry continues to find more varied ways to use this technology. From medical scans of brains and other vital organs in the body to detailed inspection of new airplane parts, CT technology allows constant progress. In fact, the latest advancements in 3D reverse engineering have developed from the speed and accuracy of CT scans.