Apple users: Try these five tips for better Mac security

better mac security

Security of Mac has remained a long debated topic.  Though Apply enjoys reputation for security yet it does not enjoy the transparency to larger extent.  Actually, Apple is updating its security changes without informing to users. Its updating system is totally different from Microsoft.

It’s time to get Mavericks

It was really nice move taken by Apple. All Mac users can o upgrade to OS X 10.9 for free.  But, all users of Apple are not up to date though. It has been researched that a big number of Mac users has not fully upgraded to the new version.  Recently, a survey was conducted which determined that 18% of enterprise Mac users are running Mavericks and 19% are still using outdated version of Snow Leopard. To upgrade the mavericks either visit Apple store or click on the software upgrade.

Remember, the data of mavericks is 6-GB and it will take time to update the software.

1. Stay current with security updates

It is really easy to update your Mac with regard to maintaining the security.  You just need to go onto Apple menu and click on either automatic updates or manual updates.

2. Turn off Java in your browser

Cyber crooks love to target java.  Though it’s automatically turned off in the mavericks yet you can set its disable mode. You just click on security option and un-check the enable java option.

3. Don’t forget security updates for non-Apple software such as Java and Flash

It must be in your mind that adobe flash and Oracle Java have their own patches. But, on mavericks both items can be configured from System Preferences window.

4. Use Mac FileVault for full-disk encryption.

The most important defense to protect you data from stealing is full disk encryption (FDE). If your disk is encrypted, no one can steal the data without entering your own set key. Applications, configuration, Documents, downloads, settings, temporary files, everything – including operating system- can be encrypted with FDE.

5. Use a Mac anti-virus

Most of the people claim that you are safe with OS X and no one can enter in your device. But at the recent PWN2OWN competition a team of Google happened to breach the security and run the program as an administrator.  Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac  is the only anti-virus that can ensure you full security and this software is totally free.