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Aisle signs are an element of outfitting a retail facility often forgotten until the last minute; they’re so ubiquitous in stores that they’re sometimes taken for granted. But aisle signs can not only help your customers find what they’re looking for, they can help you sell a higher volume and range of products in your store. Here are the top three things you should remember about creating an effective concept for your new aisle signs:

  1. Make Readability Your Priority
    The whole point of aisle signs
    is to make sure that shoppers can quickly find the products they need; if they’re unable to accomplish this, or feel that your store is a frustrating place to shop, they may move to your competitors instead. So it’s imperative that your signage be easy to read. It’s OK to use a more whimsical font if it fits with your store’s type and overall decorating scheme, but that shouldn’t be prioritized over clarity. Also make sure the letters are tall enough that customers will be able to find what they want without standing just under the sign; generally, each inch will make a sign readable for another 10 feet. So if your sign should be readable from 30 feet away — and remember, you’ll need to take into account the height the sign will be hung at when determining that number — the letters should be at least three inches tall.
  2. Use Colors to Trigger Mood
    People might like to think that they shop rationally, but in reality, many purchases are driven by emotion. By using contrasting colors to make your signage stand out, you’ll be able to get customers to buy items that weren’t on their lists coming into the store. You should also do some research on color psychology; some colors make people feel calm, hungry, safe, and so forth. You can use that to drive higher sales.
  3. Be Consistent in Your Branding
    Many retail owners think of aisle signs as being purely functional, simply utilitarian objects. But it’s more productive to think of them as on-site marketing materials. The design of your sign can help customers to connect with your company, giving them an impression of your values and business personality. This, in turn, can help you to tailor yourself to a more specific target audience and build loyal customers who will return time and time again. Since you’ll need to turn to a commercial printing company to get your aisle signs made anyway, you might also consider having your other marketing or corporate materials done by the same print company. This way, you’ll have consistency in design, colors and quality across the board.

Do you have any tips on working with printing companies to make the perfect aisle signs for a business? Share your ideas in the comments.