3 Benefits to Using Document Scanning and Shredding Services

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Have you ever considered investing in services to help you get more organized and declutter when it comes to all your papers? If you look around your office or your home at any given moment, you?re likely to see at least one pile of papers somewhere. What?s in that pile papers? It could vary from old junk mail, to leftover homework assignments, to important bills. Whatever is in the pile of papers, there?s no need to have so much paper lying around cluttering up your space. Instead, you could start using document scanning solutions and document shredding services to get organized.

Interested in learning more about what types of services and products you need to declutter and organize all your papers at home and in the office? Keep reading for more information and benefits on paper shredding services and scanners.

3 Benefits to Scanning and Shredding Your Documents

There?s no better time than the present to find new and better ways to stay organized and protected. Whether you have a problem with holding onto to too much or you need a new way to secure important documents, it?s time to find a method that works for you. Here?s three reasons to consider shredding and scanning services.

1. Secure important documents

In the office and at home, you receive many important documents every month of the year. You may certifications, bills, licenses or other papers that you need to hold onto for the long-term. You don?t want to leave any of these documents lying around unattended. Even if they?re in your office space, they could easily become lost or stolen. Why risk that with something that?s important to you?

Statistics show that for some reason, businesses still rely on paper nearly 95% of the time. You could instead start using document scanning solution to duplicate these documents and save them online somewhere safe. After you have used a document scanning solution, you can destroy the hard copy. Whether you have on site shredding services or you go somewhere to have it done, that?s the best way to keep your documents protected.

2. Get organized

The more you scan documents into your computer using document scanning solutions, the more paper you have to shred. When you take time to secure your documents online and then shred them, you?re also helping to clear up so much space in your home or you office. Whether you clean out a few drawers or empty off some counter space, you?ll be surprised to find out how much extra room you really have when you get organized.

Not only can you rediscover so much valuable space at home and in your office but also by getting rid of extra paper lying around, you can help to prevent fires. Make your home and your office a safer place for your family and your employees by investing in these services.

3. Help the environment

If the first two reasons weren?t enough to convince you to invest in document scanning solutions and secure shredding services, you can also help the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that when we recycle paper instead of leaving it out and about or throwing it in the trash, we can help with water and air pollution. For instance, water pollution can be decreased by 35% and air pollution can be decreased by 74%. Unfortunately, oftentimes we don?t put forth the effort to recycle paper like we should. Out of all the materials found in waste, paper is currently the most common. Since we consume so much every year, it can really make an impact on the environment when we just trash our paper. 80 million tons of paper every year is quite a lot to end up in trash dumps across the United States. Take some initiative today to make a change by investing in these services.

Do you already use document scanning solutions and shredding services? What reasons motivate you to keep up with these services at home or in the office? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.