3 Benefits of Using a Laundry Cart on Wheels

Custom rotational molding

There are many industries across the board that must constantly move materials, products and supplies from location to location. The cleaning services industry in places like hotels and colleges is one that must regularly load and unload laundry from place to place. One of the best things an employer can do for these employees that handle the literal load from day to day is invest in laundry cart on wheels. Rolling laundry carts are an easy way to increase productivity as well as employee satisfaction/appreciation.

Made through a process known as rotational molding, or rotomolding, a laundry cart on wheels can benefit workers in a variety of industries other than typical laundry cleaning services too. The versatile, mobility they provide can be used to transport virtually any materials that can fit. Here are a couple benefits of using a laundry cart on wheels and why you should invest today.

  1. Alleviate Physical Strain: First and foremost, the greatest benefit to using laundry carts on wheels has to be the physical toll that they help to alleviate. Lugging around heavy, or even relatively small boxes and totes all day can be an extremely tiring task. In fact, it can even result in an employee developing some sort of medical condition like a slipped or herniated disc. This could lead to time off and even a workers’ compensation case. All things that are bad not only for you, but your employee as well! Keep them safe with a tool that can help them do their job easier.
  2. Speed, Time and Monetary Efficiency: With the exception of a possible disability case, the way in which you’ll save the most money by investing in rolling laundry carts is through the time and productivity benefits. Instead of having multiple people take care of one job, or one person taking multiple trips, a laundry cart on wheels allows one person to handle a much larger load than otherwise safe/possible. This helps to not only get the job at hand done faster, but eliminate wasteful labor hours of redundant work.
  3. Overall Convenience: At the end of the day, rolling laundry carts simply make life easier and more productive for everyone involved. With the benefits to the company’s bottom-line, it’s no wonder so many businesses have already turned to these great devices.