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Top 10 Mac OS X Tips - Mac OS X Power Tools

Top 10 Mac OS X Tips

Have you ever seen someone while operating OS X and Mac? A Mac user can launch applications and other stuff like a magical trick. Though, I do not know much about Mac tricks yet I am going to share with you the most impressive techniques you have ever known.

Here are top 10 Mac OS X tips:

1. Shift-Click Maximize Button to Fill Screen

You know that there is red button in a window we use for close. There are also two buttons- yellow and green- for minimizing and maximizing.  To make   the window of chrome larger and covering the whole screen, you just need to hold “just hold down the shift key when you click the button”.

2. Terminal Tricks—Purge

Terminal is one of the best toolkit in Mac Jedi.  For improving the performance of your Mac, it is necessary to click on “Purge” for cleaning the Ram.  Basically, whenever you open a certain App or software, it allocates certain fraction of memory in the Ram.  Hence, you do not need reboot your Mac with regard to releasing the Ram. When you would click on Purge, it will force applications to shut and release the allocated Ram from the system.

3. Launch Spotlight with Command-Space

It may be problematic for you while searching your official files, e-mails and other important documents.  Do you know that spotlight can help you to find all documents, emails and other related files very quickly? Do you know spotlight will appear on the menu bar for you to start typing?  It is very simple though. You just need to give command to find what you wish to.

4. Drop Files onto the Dock to Open in an App

It is my habit to preview pictures. It is really fast when you intend to look at something.  For editing the picture, most of the experts suggest to use Acorn.  You may be thinking that how to launch preview in the Acorn. It’s very simple. You just need to open Acorn then go into file menu.  To do this fast, I have put Acorn in the dock.  It does not take too much time to drag and drop a certain image to the icon. It helps me to speedily launch the Acorn to do what I dictate it to do.

5. Custom App Stacks

My dock happened to be clustered with bunch of Apps.  Though I do not use apps often yet I love to download too many apps. To make the custom app stack, you should need to adopt the following method:

  1. You should make a fold somewhere (I used to make that in applications that is inevitably different from the system-wide applications folder) Check tip 7 to learn more about this technique.
  2. Try to use another finder window to open your applications folder
  3. This step is meant to make aliases of your real apps. You need to hold down command to drag a certain apps you wish to open quickly and drop it in your tailor made folder.
  4. You should repeat the above process for as many apps as you intend to.
  5. You should drag your folder with all aliases just left side of the trash and right side of the dock.
  6. Enjoy the trick. The folder will show you all tailor made aliases to your all apps.

6. Remove Icons from the Menu Bar

Are you tired from the folders crowd on your menu bar? If yes then remove them. You just need to click on command key, click on the certain icon and drag it off the menu bar. There is no need to put volume/speaker icon there.

7. Get to your Library Folder

The impressive changes in lion were to hide your library folder from you.  Though, the library folder is not often used yet it is very important to burn the stubborn and useless files.  Re-read tip 5 and use the finder to find the folder by pressing command-shift-g. Just put “~/Library/” (no quotes) and click Okay.

8. Finder Sidebar

Since it is related with the finder, you might already know that most of the items are on the left side of your finder window.  In case you do not find the, go to the view menu of your finder and click on show toolbar. To place your folders in the sidebar, you just need to drag and drop the folder.

9. Take a Screenshot

Have you ever taken screenshot of your files or something very important? Whether it is a graphic or an error, you should always take a screenshot of your screen.  It’s pretty easy. Command-shift–3 is used to capture screen and command-shift–4 will allow you to select part of your screen. For good screenshot experience, download Skitch for free.

10. Control the Apps that Launch at Start up

Are you tired of slow processing of your Mac during its start up?  If yes then you do not need to worry.  You can control this apps load. Just go to System Preferences > Users and Groups then find the login items button.  To speed up your start up, you just need to select your app from the list and click on “-”.

The above given tips are really good for new Mac users. If you wish to operate your Mac fast and quick, must adopt any of the above cited tips.

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