Business Software Is It As Secure As You Think?

Software vulnerabilities

You never know how much software vulnerabilities may be costing your business. In this day and age, it’s virtually impossible for small businesses to operate without using certain types of software — and without some kind of online presence. This presence doesn’t necessarily equal advertising online or even making a website, though both are advisable. But you can’t expect to work with clients and potential partners without using the Internet — whether you’re emailing people or teleconferencing with them, you will be online in one way or another. Certain types of software also necessary when it comes to running the day to day processes of a business — such as accounting, storing records, and much more. Unfortunately, software vulnerabilities are always a risk, simply because hackers are always working to get ahead of software companies. For that matter, if your business has competition, there’s the risk of your competitors attempting to steal your information via hacking. Luckily, there are software vulnerability management systems available that can help not only protect your business, but track security breaches when they do happen. Below, we’ll look into how software vulnerability management systems work, and why they’re so crucial to the running of small businesses.

How Great Is The Risk Of Software Security Breaches?

You may be skeptical about the risk of software security breaches — and for that matter, online network security breaches in general. Unfortunately, this kind of thing does happen fairly often among small businesses that don’t properly protect themselves. These could happen purposefully — small businesses are certainly at risk of being hacked. But they could also occur by accident; an employee could accidentally fail to secure their information, or could leave their own software accounts vulnerable. In all, it’s believed that over 50% of all security breaches involve web applications; at the same time, less than 10% of organizations ensure that all critical applications are reviewed for security purposes. Thanks to buggy components, the typical software application will have about 24 different vulnerabilities. The issue that many businesses have with such security breaches is that there is a temptation to shut down the usage of buggy web and software applications — but this isn’t always possible. As most applications do have some kind of vulnerabilities, to only use applications without any is unrealistic. The best thing to do is use a software vulnerability management system that can identify the specific vulnerabilities in each application, and work from there.

How Can Businesses Protect Themselves From Software Vulnerability Issues?

It’s important to have a plan in place in terms of detecting vulnerabilities — only once a software vulnerability management system is in place can you act to eliminate those vulnerabilities. Vulnerability testing is frequently used by small businesses, with 59% of surveyed organizations using penetration testing and dynamic scans. The best thing to do when performing vulnerability testing is to hire professionals who can best assess the security of your networks. There are many different software application tools you can use to handle security assessments, and from there you can decide how to best handle these vulnerabilities. This could require switching software programs — but again, that’s not always possible. You may want to use firewalls or monitoring programs to continuously protect and assess the security of your network. This ultimately depends on your business, and what you want to get out of your software and network security.

Why Do We Need Vulnerability Testing Software Applications?

There are a number of reasons why you should look into using applications specifically meant for vulnerability testing. While you could test out the vulnerabilities of your software without such applications, the process will likely be much longer and less precise. You won’t be completely sure whether or not the results can be trusted. The security of your business should be the top priority — and with the help of applications like these, you can better ensure that it’s well-managed.

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